Automation & Operation


If you want the ultimate in convenience, electric operators provide the answer. Arrive home and have your garage door open automatically, accompanied by a welcoming light - all at the touch of a button.

Operators Feature:

  • Hand transmitters - two hand transmitters as standard with all operators
  • Door security device - this prevents your door from being forced open even during a power failure
  • No trap rtisk - if obstructed, the automatic cut-out hals the door and raises it by 30mm
  • Universal fitting - all operators perfectly match our garage doors


GaraMatic 10 - with its elegantly designed body, adjustable soft start and soft stop, bright halogen lamp, fast opening and half open function, the GaraMatic 10 operator is the ideal match for your door.

GaraMatic 20 - The GaraMatic 20 is our most powerful automatic operator for use with older style garage doors or in ectreme circumstances.

garamatic operator

GaraMatic 7 - The GaraMatic 7 features soft start and soft stop, mechanical arrestor device and reliable automatic cut-out. An economic and sound solution solution for the automation of your garage door.

GaraMatic 9 - The GaraMatic 9 operator has the same features but a stronger motor than the GaraMatic 7 designed to operate larger and heavier doors.

garamatic operator


  • Deigner aluminium 2 channel transmitter
  • Designer Chrome 2 channel transmitter
  • Hand Transmitter (4 channel)
  • Hand Transmitter micro (2 channel)
  • Hand Transmitter mini (4 channel)
  • Hand Transmitter mini fob (4 channel)
  • Transmitter for cigarette lighter (2 channel)
  • Code Switch, illuminated
  • Wireless code swith, illuminated
  • Wireless code switch with lid, illuminated
  • Wall console
  • Wireless wall console
  • Push button
  • Push button, illuminated
  • Face fixed key switch
  • Recessed key switch
  • Light beam device