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Secondary Glazing

windows Unwanted Noise?

Draughty Period Windows?

For an effective solution...

Designed to provide an effective barrier to the elements, whilst complimenting your existing windows and doors. Our secondary glazing system is designed to provide:-

  • The most effective barrier to intrusive noise
  • The best solution to draughty and cold spots on period windows
  • Additional security to single glazed primary windows
  • Cost effective solutions to windows with original sash's and casements that can not be removed for conservation reasons.

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Hinged Units

casement window A simple effective Secondary Glazing System with no transomes to spoil the sightlines.

The improvement in Thermal Insulation and Noise Reduction has a significant effect on both living and working environments.






Lift Outs

vertical slider Economically the most effective form of Secondary Glazing. Ideal where only limited access is required to the primary window which is there solely as a decorative feature or to provide light into your room.







Horizontal Sliders

reversible Available in 2,3 or 4 pannelled versions fitted with brass rollers ensuring a smooth reliable action, and twin brush seals providing effective draught proofing and greater thermal insulation.

The Horizontal Slider provides unobtrusive glazing to a wide variety of applications, particularly where frquent access is required to the primary window and ease of operation is a key factor.


Vertical Sliders

casement window Particularly suitable for the refurbishment and upgrade of older/listed properties where design needs to be sympathetic to the character of the property.